Effects of cockling and precautions, how to use cockling, etc. How to wear penis ring? Male sex toys in India.

What is cock ring ?


The cock ring is a male sex toy. Men use the cock ring to wear at the base of the penis. Men also use the cock ring to attach to the scrotum. When men wear the cock ring then it helps to restrict the flow of blood. Most of the men use the cock ring during sexual activity, for pleasure feeling. Men can use the cock ring with partners or alone. The cock ring is not only used for a sexual pleasure but sometimes it is also used for a medical purpose. The cock ring is also known as pleasure ring C ring, penis ring etc. If want to know How to use cockring is here.

Most of the cock rings are made of leather, rubber, silicone, neoprene, nylon, metal, wood, plastic, bone, horn, ceramic, glass etc. The cock rings are made of high-quality materials and are safe for the body. Cock rings are also available in different colour, shape and size. Some of the cock rings are also available with different types of vibration pattern. It depends on people which type of cock ring they want to prefer for sexual pleasure.

Cock rings are not so expensive. Most of the cock rings are very cheap, so any male can easily purchase it. Now a day, there are many e-commerce sites which sold the sex toys like a dildo, cock ring etc. So it becomes very easy for men to purchase the sex toys or cock ring from the online store. If men want, then he can also purchase the cock ring from the shop.

Cock rings online for men

What is the effect of actual cockring ?


The cock ring has a nice effect. The cock ring is not only used for a sexual pleasure but in some case, it is also used as a medical treatment. Cock ring is used for different purpose. Men who is suffering from ED (erectile dysfunction) can use the cock ring to overcome this problem. Cock rings are also known by other names. When cock ring is used for ED then it is said as erection rings or tension rings. During the sexual activity or masturbation when men wear the cock ring just behind the corona of the glans of the penis then it is said glans ring, head rings or cock crowns.

When men use the cock ring during masturbation, then it stimulates the men's penis and provides pleasure feeling. When men do the sexual activity with their partners and insert the penis into his partner vaginal then it stimulates both men as well as women. At the same time cock ring stimulate the men's penis and women's clitoris. Men can also use different types of lubricant with a cock ring.

Notice points and disadvantages ?


While using the cock ring men should take some precautions also. As we know that cock ring is reusable, so it is most important to clean the cock ring properly before and after use. To clean the cock ring men can use water, toy cleaner or antiseptic liquid. If a couple is using the cock ring the first time then it is important for them to read the instruction manual. If the cock ring is made of silicone materials then, in this case, men should avoid using the silicone-based lubricant.

Silicone lubricant damage the surface of silicone made toy. During sexual activity, if men feel any types of abnormality, then immediately they should stop using the cock ring. If the cock ring is the vibrating cock ring then always start the vibration with low speed and then gradually increase the speed, it provides more pleasure feeling. The main disadvantage of using a cock ring is that if men use it for a long time then it makes the penis swollen and it also makes an irritation.